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An electronic scorecard must be input within 24 hours of a fixture.  Click here for league scorecard or click here for cup scorecard. Cards input after Saturday will miss the weekly match report.  A report covering two fixtures and results is sent to the Evening Telegraph. Paper scorecards for the league can be downloaded here or, for Cups, from the Cups page.  These should be kept safe by the home team until the end of the season, in case there is any dispute over the details entered on the e-scorecard. Do not deposit scorecards at the old collection points (such as the box pinned to notice board in the balcony at Ward Road).

The Match Secretary must be notified in advance about a postponement and informed promptly about the new date.

Claims mostly arise when teams confuse home nights. Home teams should contact away teams before each fixture to confirm they are aware of it. Claims may not be accepted if this is not done. Claim A is where opponents fail to appear without proper notice. Claim B is where opponents give notice of being unable to fulfil the fixture and concede the match. The claiming team inputs the scorecard, recording the reasons and whether contact was made before the fixture.



This page is reserved for DDTTA league and cup reports (most recent first). Other competitions are reported on the News page.


Season 2023/2024


Week 15 – commencing 15th Jan, 2024

Welcome back to all teams and players after our mid-season break. We hope you have all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and that everyone is well rested and ready to go for the second half of the season! It has been a tough start to the league for several teams this year with injuries and severe weather proving problematic for many. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a lot of postponements which have caused logistical challenges to a number of team secretaries. Thank you to those of you who have been involved in rearranging matches promptly as this is not an easy task. Just a reminder that teams should consider postponements very carefully and fixtures should be played on their arranged dates wherever possible to minimise disruption for everybody and to avoid the complicated and unpleasant dance of arranging alternative dates. This can be particularly challenging for teams with venue restrictions who may find it difficult to rearrange. Where postponements are unavoidable, please arrange an alternative date as soon as possible and keep the Match Secretary in the loop so the postponements table can be updated promptly. Thankfully much of our backlog has now cleared with only a few outstanding matches remaining. Unfortunately, we begin this half of the season one team down in Division 1 with Letham A making the difficult decision to withdraw due to team injuries. This is a big loss for division 1 and we all hope to see them return to league play next season fighting fit and ready to compete once again. Best of luck to everyone in their remaining league and cup matches. Here’s hoping for a smooth second half of the season with enjoyable and competitive matches all round.  


Week 1 - commencing 11th Sep, 2023

Welcome back to competitive play to all DDTTA league players! As is customary we have once again kicked off the season with a week of cup fixtures. Teams across all divisions have been facing off in the Chairman’s Challenge and Secondary Shield competitions this week. Please bear with us as the committee adjust to our new positions and get to grips with the league systems and updating the website. Unfortunately we will be unable to provide weekly match reports that are as comprehensive and extensive as we were fortunate enough to get accustomed to with our experienced previous Match Secretary Andy Hughes. In the meantime, by way of an apology, we have added new buttons to the ‘League’ menu where you can view match scorecards which will hopefully be a welcome addition to the website. Under ‘Processed Cards’ you should be able to see match scorecards from any fixtures that have been processed by the Match Secretary. For cards that have been uploaded but their results are not yet on the website, as the Match Secretary has not yet had a chance to process them, please see the ‘Latest Scorecard’ area. Here’s to a fantastic 2023/2024 season best of luck to all teams and players.






Div or cup

Original date

New date*

Chieftains v Buccaneers




Buccaneers v Truants




Brechin v Lundin Lasers




Buccaneers v Defenders




Letham B v Telecoms




Telecoms v Letham B

D3 Doubles



Brechin v Aces




Squires v Lairds




Duffers v Lundin Lasers

HCap Cup



* Note:  please confirm the ‘New dates’ with the relevant team secretaries as these may change without the Match Secretary knowing.