SportDundee (replacing Dundee City Sports Council) meetings are held quarterly and Elaine Forbes normally represents D&DTTA at those meetings. Similarly, SportDundee has a representative who attends the meetings of D&DTTA’s Coaching & Development Committee.


There are many key partners of SportDundee and such contacts are advantageous to the development of sport as a whole, and table tennis in particular in Dundee, especially with regard to opportunity, inclusion, operational standards, legislation, facilities, publicity, and grant aid. Individual clubs may also join SportDundee for a nominal fee.


The Active Schools programme requires that those schools only ‘work’ with clubs/Associations accredited via SportDundee’s ClubDundee accreditation scheme. D&DTTA achieved ClubDundee accreditation on 30 November 2016. Clubs can apply for accreditation by, for example, lateral transfer of adherence to the terms of the D&DTTA constitution, rules, standards, child protection, and so on, without necessarily having to construct their own.