Position holder/club


Office bearers




Eric Brown (Forthill Plebeians)



John Anderson (Letham TTC)

Hon Secretary

Ryan Docherty (Premier TTC)

Match Secretary

Emma Bissett (Mylnefield TTC)  


Coaching Convener

David Hay (Mylnefield)



Other committee members



Trophy convener

Stuart Halliday (Mylnefield)


Committee member


Committee member

Arthur Pritchard (Forthill Plebeians)

David Sim  (Forthill Plebeians)


Committee member

Callum Riddoch (Mylnefield)


Committee member

Andrew Crawford (Letham TTC)


Committee member

Shirley McKay (Mylnefield)



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Development Sub-Committee

Chairperson: Arthur Pritchard


Independent examiner



Who can be a trustee?


The Association is an unincorporated charity.  Our management committee (MC) members are the trustees of the charity. This means, among other things, that MC members could be personally financially liable for the debts of the charity or for any claims made on it.  Any such risk is mitigated by the fact that the charity owns no heritable property, has not entered into any significant contracts and aims to manage its finances prudently, for example by maintaining an appropriate level of reserves and reviewing its financial position at most meetings of the MC.


Our constitution provides that six office bearers and up to seven additional committee members (trustees) be appointed annually at the AGM.  The committee may also co-opt members, as required.


Appointments are open to all members of the Association, provided they are not disqualified in law from holding office as a charity trustee. Disqualified persons include someone:

·         with an unspent conviction for an offence involving dishonesty or an offence under the 2005 Act

·         who is an un-discharged bankrupt or has a Protected Trust Deed

·         who has been removed under either Scottish or English Law or the courts from being a charity trustee

·         who is disqualified from being a company director.


It is the responsibility of individuals to make sure they are not disqualified from being a trustee. Anyone who acts as a trustee whilst disqualified is guilty of an offence punishable by a fine or imprisonment, or both. It is also the collective responsibility of all the trustees to make sure that none of them are disqualified. If a trustee knows that a fellow trustee is disqualified and does nothing about it, they could be in breach of their charity trustee duties.


Any member considering being nominated as a committee member should first browse the website of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator ( and read, in particular, the publication ‘Guidance and Good Practice for Charity Trustees’.  This explains a number of important matters such as, how trustees must act in the interests of the charity, act with care and diligence, and manage any conflicts of interest that may arise.


How are trustees appointed?


Prior to each AGM the MC will advise the membership about:

·         which of the current office bearers and committee members have agreed to be considered for re-election

·         members’ entitlement to be nominated for any of these roles, up to the maximum number provided in the constitution. 


Any nominations (members may nominate themselves) should be submitted to the Chairperson at least 28 days prior to the AGM and should be accompanied by a declaration from the nominee that:

·         they have considered the OSCR guidance referred to above and that they are willing and able to fulfil the role; and

·         they are not a disqualified person.


The MC will then organise an appropriate election/vote for committee appointments in advance of the AGM, based on our usual practice of votes being cast by teams, and the appointments will be made on the night of the meeting.


In the event that that any vacant positions remain, a nomination will be accepted on the night of the AGM but it shall ultimately be the committee’s decision as to whether it is in the Association’s interest to co-opt any such nominee onto the committee and the nominee shall require to make the same declaration required of those nominated prior to the AGM.