Death of Kenny Lindsay

It is with great sadness that DDTTA members have learned of the death of Kenny Lindsay at the age of 30.  Kenny played much of his junior table tennis in Dundee and many of us witnessed him develop his lively attacking style to become one of Scotland’s best young players.


Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with Ron and Agnes, Kenny’s parents.



Tournament Report – Edinburgh Banded Series Event 2

The Edinburgh Banded Series 2 event took place in Bathgate on Sunday November 5th and was another full booked sell out.  The event was won in a thrilling final by Johannes Laute winning from Gerry Campbell.

Band 2 had our very own Grant Williams competing, however, the band was won by Aberdeen’s upcoming cadet, Rafa Wilowski with Lara Stirling runner up.

Tie Xeu won Band 3, Michael Zhang took Band 4, Band 5 was won by Richard Lo.

Further Dundee interest was in Band 6, with Andrew Nimmo winning the band and  David Hay runner up.  Both won 7 of their 8 games and continued their promising early season form.

Young Chad Duncan from Ayrshire took Band 7 and Band 8 went to on form Josh Orr.

The banded events prove hugely popular, and are a great way to have a great day’s competition against similar ability players.


Thanks to Peter Hay for the report.


Dundee players out and about


Congratulations to Andrew Nimmo and David Hay who finished first and second in Band 6 at the Edinburgh Banded Series Event Two at Bathgate on 5th November. Grant Williams reports that the two youngsters, both members of DDTTA’s Development Squad, were in excellent form in topping the table with only one loss each with Andrew getting the nod for top spot since he had beaten David in their head to head.

Grant and Mark Lundberg also had an enjoyable days’ play in Bands 1 and 2.


In the first series of matches in the Scottish National League, Dundee got off to a great start with a 6-0 victory over Glasgow South A before suffering a narrow 2-4 loss to North Merchison.


In the next series to be played at Bathgate on 25th November, Dundee will play three matches against teams scattered throughout the division. They must target a win against current bottom team, Drumchapel B from Glasgow for in the next match they face table toppers South Ayrshire A. The third match of the day is against  Triangle B who also had one win and one loss in the first round and so a win for Dundee against the Aberdeen side would be a big step towards staying in the top half of the table. Ade Fabola will be looking to repeat his form of the first round when he won four out of four, with back up being provided by Messrs Ross, Riddoch and Halliday.


Dundee Senior Schools Table Tennis Championships

This is a tournament for individual players – boys and girls – nominated by, and representing, their school in under 14, under 16 and under 18 age categories.  The competition will be held at Ward Road Gym at 6pm on Thursday 7th December.  The event is expected to finish between 8pm and 8.30pm.

The top players in each age group will qualify for the Scottish Senior Schools Championship Finals Tournament which will be held on Sunday 25th February at Bathgate Academy (venue to be confirmed). The leading players from that event will represent Scottish Schools in the UK finals (team and individual events) to be held in England in June. 

All Juniors from North Fife and Tayside are welcome.  

Entry forms are available from Coaches at Ward Road Gym, Forthill and St Andrews; and may be available through some local Schools.  Or email the District Coach or Coaching Convener (click on “About” then “Committee” for email links).


National League Update

Best wishes go to Dundee & District’s National League team as it begins this season’s campaign at Bell’s Sports Centre, Perth, this Saturday (14th October).

Dundee start with two tough matches against Glasgow South A and North Merchiston from Edinburgh, but our foursome of Callum Riddoch, Ade Fabeola, Stuart Halliday and Calum Main will once again call on the good team spirit which they displayed last season to pick up as many wins as possible on the day.

With teams from Triangle (Aberdeen), South Ayrshire, Murrayfield, Drumchapel and Stirling making up a tough Division Two, every individual win may be important in the final placings come April.

The National League is an excellent team competition, and making the Dundee team should be one of the targets for aspiring youngsters from our Development Squad such as Andrew, Jacob and David. Congratulations to David for winning Band 7 at the recent Edinburgh Banded Series 1.


Robert Toth also enjoyed success at this event, with his win over John Hannah giving him top spot in Band 1 with John runner-up. Robert will need to take this good form into Fair City’s first National League tie – couldn’t be much harder than meeting Drumchapel A, but no doubt Robert, Gillian Edwards and Grant Williams will relish the challenge.


SVTTA Assessment 8/10/17– Report.

Fiona Kinloch; In a very strong 40+ age group competition, defeated in the first stage by a top 4 player but found the competition too strong in the later stages and finished in 12th place.

Paul Monteith; Took second place in his three player first group and then proceeded to compete for places 9-14. Three good wins saw him in a position to challenge for 9th place but unfortunately despite some terrific play, could not defeat any of the top three players in the group and finished in a creditable 11th place; no mean feat in a competition with so many good players.

Ian McLagan; started off with a bang with three 3-0 wins and then defeated the most awkward player 3-2; spectators could not believe he could play in such a controlled manner!! He lost to the top seed in the final game and ended in a three way tie at the top of the 70+ group only to finish in third after count back.

Winnie Stein; lost to the top three players and recorded a rare win only to be in a three way tie at the bottom of the group and she too finished third of the three to end in sixth place.

Two former Dundee layers also took part; Pat Duffy. Now playing in the Perth league finished in 10th place in the 60+ event and those of a certain age may remember a young David Simpson play here many years ago. Now aged 50+ he finished in 15th place in that event and enjoyed meeting Paul Monteith reminiscing over a couple of matches they played in Dundee when Paul defeated top seeded David in the Dundee Closed. David and Paul did not play each other at the assessment......unfortunately!!!!


SVTTA Report by Ian McLagan


North of Scotland Open - Report. 

The North of Scotland Open was played in Aberdeen on Sunday 17th September. 

Jacob and Andrew made it to the last 16 of the Cadets and Juniors, an especially strong performance from Jacob who is in his first year in the Cadets.  David managed to get to the quarter finals before losing to no.2 seed Yefie Fang (Aberdeen).  David was actually close to creating an upset early on when he was beating the no.4 seed, before the lad adapted and he lost in 4 tight sets.

In the Men’s events, Robert Toth nearly lost to the no.1 cadet Rafal Wolinski, but pulled it back to win 11-9 in the fifth - the youngster is about 6 foot tall at 14 and just gets everything back. Robert and John Hannah reached the quarter finals of the men's before losing to no.2 and 3 seeds. Robert was close with Sean Docherty in an end, but Sean has a world ranking and is a really high level player. Craig Howieson (Scotland no.2 only to Gavin) won the event 3-0 against Sean Docherty overall, without dropping a set all tournament.

John and Robert finished runners up in the Men's Doubles (no.2 seeds) and then John finished R/U in the Band 1. Callum Riddoch also did well and made the last 16 of the Men's and last 8 of the Band 1 event.

Overall, a pretty solid performance with DDTTA players performing to their seedings, and David exceeding his seeding. And yes we were out from 7.15am until 9.30pm!  So a long day!

Paul McCabe


Mylnefield Club Championships 2017/18 - Report. 

The Club Championships were played on Tuesday 05 September 2017.  There were 16 players entered for the competition which was won by Callum Riddoch.  Callum defeated Ade Fabola 3-1 in a hard fought and close final. 

Mylnefield Club Champion Callum Riddoch


Michael Swilinski (58), Guthrie Park TTC, died Friday 11th August 2017. 

Funeral details to be arranged.

Obituary by Derek Mitchell

Member of Brechin TTC, Brechin Pipe Band Hall TTC, Guthrie Park TTC.

Those of a certain vintage will remember the golden era of Dundee and District Table Tennis (in my head anyway) in the 1980s when there were 7 Divisions however none could have been more attractive than an away fixture to Brechin Table Tennis Club to Mike’s team. However I will discuss that later!

In 1980 /81 season as a young lad, about 16 or so, I met and played against the man with a foreign sounding name and the biggest side lappers I had ever seen, since Elvis Presley anyway, with a broad Angus accent. Although not much older than me approximately 5 years older he did look like a much older man.

Mike played for Brechin Table Tennis Club which were based at Damacre Centre, Damacre Road, Brechin a local community centre. They played their matches within a prefab class room on a fashionable Dunlop table at the time the type with the metal legs. Mike initially played with the Eagles team alongside teammates John Anderson and Bill Balfour.  The Eagles were promoted consecutively from 79-80, 80-81 season. Other club members included Arthur Pritchard (yes he really is that old), Martin Smith, Bobby Pringle, Stuart Law, Paul Fulton, Stuart Lockhart, John Laing, Jim Vettese, Scott Cooper to name but a few.  At this time Mike was a publican, with his business partner Stuart and owned the Angus Steakhouse, 19 Swan Street, Brechin. They also sponsored the club with a blue umbro T shirt if I remember correctly being supplied to members. Mike also played with Kestrels along with team mates Jim Vettese and Les Wilson.

Mike was also a real motivator and encouraged and contributed so much to the Brechin club by way of “banter” particularly encouraging junior members.  He often used phrases that were common even to his last game to encourage participation , with tongue firmly inserted in cheek, “ You can run but you can’t hide” “ Get this one back” just before serving  “ watch the spin on this one”  “beat me, beat me” . Bill described Mike’s enthusiasm as  “infectious” He continued  “ It was him laying down the challenge and encouraged re-attendance just so you could get his serve back or beat him in a match and made you want to keep coming back till you did it. This was particularly effective with the junior members at the time who loved it”

The Eagles were promoted consecutively from 79-80, 80-81 season.

In Season 1980-81, Graham Hamilton and myself played in Division 7 and were members of Sparrows, Linlathen HS TTC along with Andy Hughes,  a club led by Ken Head at the time, however Graham and I were asked to play up for Ravens in Division 6.  Along with Gordon Marshall who regularly played for Ravens it was “battle of the bird names”. The game finished 5-4 to Ravens and the only game I lost yes you guessed it was to Mike.

I was never to know then just how much of an influence Mike would have on my life both in table tennis and in general terms.

Linlathen HS TTC and Brechin TTC were often involved in friendlies as they started about the same time. One of the games in about 82/83 were at the Damacre centre in the main gym hall. Linlathen won the game however Mike as he was organised something to eat at the Steakhouse.

This turned out to be more than something to eat, Mike would gleefully get the fryers on, make fish and chips or whatever was available and make sure your glass wasn’t empty the whole time you were there. Sometimes it went on for far too long, copious amounts of alcohol were drunk, I remember a TT tournament on the restaurant tables with place mats for bats and nets whilst not being very sober!

This I learned later was common for away teams visiting Brechin and for the home players too. John Anderson quote” I do not know how I made it to work the following day” Mike and his hospitality summed him up, generous, good company, loved to play, talk table tennis, a people person.

Mike had a love for sports cars and owned a silver Lotus Eclat. Bill often mentioned the 20 minute trip from Brechin to Dundee for table tennis matches and that was well before it was dual carriageway all the way from Brechin to Dundee!

John often mentions the time he got this car stuck in snow on the way to a match after being told to stick to the main roads by Police and taking it on the back roads. Tractor required and some real damage to his car!

Mike was so keen on table tennis that he often went to the coaching courses at Largs accompanied by members of Brechin TTC, Arthur, Martin, John and by that time my brother Ian had moved to Brechin to play.

A year or so later, I moved to Brechin and joined Mike and my brother Ian to set up a new club at Brechin based at the pipe band hall located at The Inch, River Street, Brechin.

I have to be honest I cannot remember if we were successful or not but we had a great time playing. It was a long time ago and we were in Division 1.  We were later joined by John Donachie, a man of many clubs but a fabulous character and although we sometimes needed a translator for his broad Dundee accent, (only joking John) he was a great addition and we had great times. John played as our third man in the Scottish Team cup where we finished fourth the highest a Dundee and District club had been for some time!

I do remember going out for meals or a drink after games and often we would meet Sandy Elrick, sometimes at his house. This would lead to hours and hours of discussion on table tennis and led I am sure Mike agreeing to supply a trophy for the D&DTTA, the Swilinski Young Masters. Sandy can be very convincing!

Since 1985 Mike and Stuart had now been successful with Flicks Nightclub, High Street, Brechin and this took up a lot of his time. 

Mike was a keen tennis player playing for both Brought Ferry LTC and Montrose. It was the late Andy Marshall who got him involved as there were table tennis players also playing, Andy, Derek Croll and Bruce aka Tubby.  He was a very good standard and was club champion for years and years there. If you go to the pavilion at Montrose you will see his name on the boards there.

He also was keen on running and ran everyday a minimum of 6 miles and this led to him running in many marathons including London and in the USA with a time of around 3 and a half hours. No mean feat for a man in his 40s by then.

In about 2003 he left these shores and went to work in Trinidad where he remained until 2016. He decided that he would come back and play table tennis and re-joined his old Eagles team mates John and Bill for season 2016/17 but unfortunately only played one game against the Comets for Guthrie Park TTC.

Only 2 weeks ago Mike had started preparing for this season and had practised for the first time for a while down at the cricket pavilion and was looking forward to playing in Division 2.

Sadly 2 days after his 58th birthday on the morning of Friday 11th August 2017 Mike had passed away.  This was the day that at 130pm in the afternoon he had organised to play matches with Ian Mitchell, John Anderson and myself at Guthrie Park TTC. 

Mike was a successful businessman, genuine, hospitable, kind, generous, down to earth, funny, with fantastic banter and great company.  Everyone who knows Mike will I’m sure will have a story or a tale to tell or even a few.

For me he brought me my marriage and family here and for that reason I will always be indebted to him.  Rest in peace my friend.

Derek Mitchell




Community regeneration grant

The management committee is delighted to report that the Association has secured a community regeneration grant of £1,825 from the Dundee Partnership to support the ongoing provision of the school TT club at Baldragon Academy.

The funds will cover the costs of coaching fees for 36 sessions (a whole school year) as well as the acquisition of good quality bats and practice balls. These funds are hugely important to this club as the education department does not permit us to levy any charge on the youngsters attending the club and, without this alternative funding, we would have had to divert funds from other worthwhile projects or review the ongoing provision of this facility.

We are grateful to the Dundee Partnership for supporting our application.


Interleague 2016/17

Spot the Dundee shirts….

The 2017 Perth Interleague results for DDTTA are as follows:

Men: 3rd (on countback!) and B team 4th

Men's Veteran's: 5th and B team 8th

Women's Veteran's: 2nd

Boy's Juniors: 4th

Boy's Cadets: 5th

Boy's Minors: 3rd

Girl's Minors: 3rd

Noteable wins include Kelsey Simpson winning her first match at National level 11-9 in the fifth and Deklyn McKenzie beating Scotland no.6 minor Ye Ye Mo from Aberdeen by the same score. 

The Men's team actually beat the eventual winners West of Scotland 3-2 but lost to Edinburgh. Had Michael Hahn won match point at 12-11 on his serve, Dundee would have been champions.

Fiona Kinloch played very well and won good singles in the Women's Veteran's. 

I know that virtually everyone enjoyed the day and there was a great team spirit to build upon amongst the DDTTA players. On Saturday night, Jimmy Chungs was certainly a popular choice with the youngsters as a reward!

Paul McCabe


DDTTA junior championships – 12 March 2017

With the closed championships decided on the Saturday, the youngsters took to the tables at Ward Road on Sunday to compete in the junior championships. Another excellent entry meant that there was competition in all possible categories and this was particularly pleasing for all three girls' events. The standard of play was impressive throughout the day and was a credit to the sterling coaching work headed up by Paul McCabe, backed by Grant Williams, Eddie Dougan, Andy Hughes, Ken Head, Andy Ferguson and Howard Lee, and the senior players who hit with the youngsters at WRG. A huge thanks goes also to everyone who helped organise the whole weekend both in the lead up and on the two competition days. ‘Junior’ results:

U 21 singles: Winner - Callum Riddoch; R-up - Glenn Scott

Junior Girls: Winner - Sophia Kapelyukh; R-up - Zoe Rennie

Junior Boys: Winner - Jacob Munro; R-up - Andrew Nimmo

Cadet Girls: Winner - Zoe Rennie; R-up - Amy Hudson

Cadet Boys: Winner - Jacob Munro; R-up - Andrew Nimmo

Minor Girls: Winner - Amy Hudson; R-up - Sophia Kapelyukh

Minor Boys: Winner - Jacob Munro; R-up - Deklyn Mackenzie

DDTTA closed championships – 11 March 2017

L-R: Jim Dyson, Stuart Halliday, Robert Toth, Fiona Kinloch, Paul Monteith, Jill Milne.

The main DDTTA closed championships were held at Ward Road Gym on Saturday 11th March. The figures say it all - a high quality entry and a high quantity. 18 entries for the Men's Singles, eight pairs for the Men's Doubles, 11 players in the Vets' Singles and seven pairs for the Vets' Doubles - meant a great standard of play throughout the day, including in the consolation event! The victors were:

Men’s Singles: Winner - Robert Toth; Runner up - Paul McCabe 

Ladies’ Singles: Winner - Fiona Kinloch; Runner up - Jill Milne 

Men’s Doubles: Winners - Robert Toth & Stuart Halliday; Runners up - Calum Ross & Iain Martin

Ladies’ Doubles: Winners - Fiona Kinloch & Jill Milne; Runners up - Emma Bissett & Elaine Forbes 

Mixed Doubles: Winners - Fiona Kinloch & Paul Monteith; Runners up - Emma Bissett & Sascha Roschy

Vets’ Singles: Winner - Jim Dyson; Runner up - Pete Yearworth

Vets’ Doubles: Winner - Paul Monteith & Jim Dyson; Runners up - Iain Martin & Pete Yearworth

Ballot Doubles: Winners - Iain Martin & Pete Yearworth; Runners up - Jill Milne & Matthew Craig

Silver Bat (Consolation Singles): Winner - Matthew Craig; Runner up - Jim Dyson.


D2/3 closed championships and Fowler handicap – 25 February 2017

L-R: John Anderson, Ade Fabola, Derek Mitchell, Winnie Stein, Sascha Roschy, Jordan Ednie, Fiona Kinloch

A very busy day’s play at Ward Road Gym on Saturday (25th) produced many close matches and many tired players, some starting their campaign at 9.30 a.m. and rarely having the chance to sit down until the last ball was struck at 5pm. The roll of honour shows a good spread of success amongst the players who represented five of our member clubs, and there were many other pleasing aspects to the event:

- entry up significantly on last season

- in the past two seasons the Under 25 event had insufficient entries to go ahead; this year there were five young men who played out an excellent competition

- four Division One players joining in to add fresh faces to the afternoon’s Fowler Handicap

- the general atmosphere of good sportsmanship and the willingness of so many to help out with umpiring, without whom we would not have got through all the events to finish on time.

Thanks are due to many, particularly Elaine Forbes for running the day, Dave Beveridge for pre-tournament admin work, Andy Hughes and David Sim for handicapping, and Stuart Halliday in his role of Trophy Convenor.  The results were:

Trident Challenge (Div 2):  Winner - Sascha Roshsy; R-up - Fiona Kinloch

Div 3 Challenge: Winner John Anderson; R-up - Derek Mitchell

Hardy Ballot Doubles: Winners - Knut Radmer & Derek Mitchell; R-up - Winnie Stein & Sascha Roschy

Over 25 Singles: Winner - Sascha Roschy; R-up - Derek Mitchell 

Under 25 Singles: Winner - Jordan Ednie; R-up - Filip Jovanovic

Fowler Handicap: Winner - Ade Fabola; R-up - Jordan Ednie.


Secondary Schools championships – Bathgate 18 February 2017

This was a good event for our new players in particular. Hannah Cleary, Kara Whelan and Glenn Scott were all playing in their first national tournament and despite some heavy defeats, really enjoyed it.

In terms of results, the DDTTA youngsters did as well as expected. Darren Mitchell reached the quarter finals after beating the 5th seed, Elias Bokedal from Aberdeen, 11-9 in the fifth after taking a crucial time out at 10-9. However, although he had chances, he lost 3-0 to James Forrest (Edinburgh), who was very impressive. If Darren had won that game he would have been selected for Scotland U16's. 

The Under 14 youngsters, whilst playing well, were unable to make it past the group stage. The competition was fierce with the No.8 seed (under 14's) recently beating Robert Toth in the national league to give an idea of the standard at this level However, Jacob Munro and Andrew Nimmo did manage to get to the quarter finals of the Consolation event. Glenn put up a great challenge to David Cormack of Perth (who is probably a 1st Division player) in three really close ends, showing that he is more than ready for Division 3 in Dundee.

Zoe Rennie and Sophia Kapelyukh also ran some of girls in their groups close, but could not get over the final hurdle. A real positive will be that 2 of our 4 girls will still be eligible for the Scottish Primaries in November and were some of the youngest in the tournament.

All in all a great day that can only benefit our young prospects and spur them on.

Paul McCabe


15 February 2017 – News from the Chair

The latest TTS rankings show a number of Dundee names in the top twenties of a number of categories. Gillian Edwards retains the number one slot in the Ladies’ list, while tournament regulars John Hannah, Darren Mitchell and Ally Rennet slot in to varying positions in the Men’s, Juniors and U21’s. Perhaps most pleasing though is the inclusion of Deklyn Mckenzie and Jacob Munro in the top 15 of the U13 Boys’ category.

There’s a busy spell ahead for our players taking part in either local or national tournaments. First on the calendar is our own tournament for Div 2 & 3 players (plus the Fowler Handicap open to players of all divisions) on Saturday 25th February. Dave Beveridge reports that the number of entries received is already well up on last season and there is still more than a week for anyone interested to submit a form or e-mail Dave (entries close 8am on Wednesday 22nd).

On 4th & 5th March, attention focuses on the Scottish National Championships at Bell’s Sports Centre in Perth, where we hope there will be a strong contingent of Dundee players and then the following weekend it’s back to WRG for our Closed Championships – and again Dave is delighted to have already received a healthy number of entries with the closing date not until Friday 3rd March.

With the organisation of our teams well underway for the Inter-League weekend at Perth on 25th & 26th March, DDTTA hope to be represented by at least 9 teams in categories ranging from U13s to Veterans.

All-in-all, there’s plenty on offer and no excuse for sitting out!


Up4it win late night Excelsior Cup Final

Up4it – Gillian Edwards, Ryan Docherty and Paul Monteith – Excelsior Cup winners 2016/17

After winning all four final set deciders in the tie, Up4it brilliantly won the Excelsior Cup, defeating Knights 5-3 around 11pm on Friday night, 10 February 2017. A full report will follow shortly in the weekly match report.


John Skelly Memorial donation

A few weeks ago we announced the sad passing of former member, John Skelly. John’s family decided that his funeral collection should be held in aid of the Association and on Friday, 10th February, Andy Hughes handed over a cheque for £481.07 to Association Chairperson, Elaine Forbes. The money will be used to open the John Skelly Memorial Fund. The Management Committee will seek to ensure that the funds are spent in accordance with the donors’ wishes. The Association is grateful to everyone who contributed to this significant donation.


Plebeians Club Championships - 2016 / 17

Grant Williams (L) defeated Peter Yearworth in the final of the main event.

The Plebeians Club Championships took place at Forthill on Sunday 22nd January 2017 with 12 participants. In the Drawn Doubles Carol McLean and David Sim edged out self-professed legend doubles player Ian Hunter and his partner Glenn Christie in a well contested best of 3 set final. David and Carol managed to overcome the setback of losing set 2 to win fairly comfortably in the 3rd end. David Sim/Carol McLean bt Ian Hunter/Glenn Christie 7, -9, 6.

The Handicap Cup was played in 4 groups with 3 groups of 3 players and Moira Brown and Carol McLean in the 4th group. Interestingly, Carol beat Moira at the group stage however, following different paths, they were to meet again in the final. At the semi-final stage Carol beat Ian Hunter fairly comfortably while Moira saw off her other half, Eric 21-19. There wouldn’t have been a lot of chat in that house on Sunday night!  In the final Moira rose to the occasion and, despite Carol’s best efforts at pegging back the deficit, she came up a few points short. Moira Brown bt Carol McLean  21-17.

The Club Championship itself consisted of 4 groups with the 1st division players all seeded. Notable performances included Sandy Bertie taking a set of Grant Williams and losing another 21–19 while Carol McLean took a set off Ian Hunter (not such a big achievement)! At the quarter-final stage Pete Yearworth and Grant sailed through, while Ian and David Sim both needed 5 sets to progress against Sandy Bertie and Dougal Ogilvie respectively. Pete and Grant both won their semi-finals in 4 sets, setting up a very interesting final.  It looked all over early on with Grant cruising into a 2-0 lead. Pete wasn’t for going down without a fight though and he won the 3rd set to 5. There were moments in set 4 where Pete looked like he could prolong the contest however Grant held on for a well-deserved victory, and back to back wins in the event. Grant Williams bt Pete Yearworth 9, 8, -5, 8.


Sky coverage of World Championships of Ping Pong

Sky TV’s coverage of this event, which sees our own Ian Johnston take part alongside some of the country’s TT greats, is expected to include the following sessions: 

                Session 1: Group Stages, Sat 28/1/17, 12pm until 4pm - Sky Sports 2

                Session 2: Last 32 (knockout), Sat 28/1/17, 6pm until 9:30pm - Sky Sports 2

                Session 3: Last 16, Sun 29/1/17, 12pm until 4pm - Sky Sports 3

                Session 4: Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final, Sun 29/1/17, 6pm until 9:30pm - Sky Sports 3

Derek Johnston reports that Ian was invited to the English qualifier and the Last chance saloon as a guest player and thinks that the standard of the international players is much higher this year, with the Chinese team having strength in depth.  However, he feels that the top 8 from last year (including Gavin Rumgay) will still be in there competing for the final stages.

The group format is double elimination, each player must win 2 matches to go through to the last 32. If they lose 2 games they are immediately knocked out. The draw has still to be made.

There was a warm up competition on 26 January 2017 ( the “Masters”) and Andy Pettican and Derek Johnston flew south to watch it, staying on for the weekend so Andy can give Ian some coaching. Good luck, Ian!


UKCC Level 1 coaching course

The Association hopes to be able to run a UKCC Level 1 coaching course in February and March in conjunction with Paul Jackson, TTS director of coaching. The course is likely to run from 7pm to 10pm on three Fridays (attendance required at all three) on 17th February, 3rd March and 31st March. [UPDATE – COURSE WILL NOW BE RUN IN AUGUST/SEPTEMBER]

The cost is £210 payable in advance but assistance is usually available from SportScotland (40% grant) and funds may also be available from SportDundee. Whatever other sources of funds are found the Association will seek to minimise the cost for individuals.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Elaine Forbes at immediately.


Obituary - John Skelly


Sadly, former DDTTA Division One player and Executive Committee member John Skelly died on Sunday 8th January aged 61 years.

John played table-tennis in Dundee as a junior for the Hecklers Club and he progressed to be a Division one player with them in the late 1970s. John was the Club secretary for the all-conquering Hecklers in season 1979-80 and he was a member of the DDTTA Executive Committee for season 1980-81.

Due to a passion for learning new sports such as badminton, fencing and roller hockey, among others, John stopped playing competitive table-tennis around this time. John briefly thought about returning to table-tennis about five years ago and he practiced with members of the then Dundee College club (now coincidently Hecklers again).

However, many years later in 2015 I got to know John when I attended a community table-tennis class he ran at the DISC, where he worked. Even though John had not played competitive table-tennis for more than 30 years, he was still a very talented player and would still easily have been a top player in the DDTTA leagues. However, what impressed me most about John was his enthusiasm and willingness to help beginners at his club. Sadly, John had to retire and the club folded, but his enthusiasm helped me to decide that a community TT club was a great idea and this helped me and others to push for our own club which started in 2016 and now runs successfully at Ward Road with ever-growing numbers of members attending.

John’s funeral will be at Dundee Crematorium on Friday 20th January at 11am.


Andy Hughes, DDTTA Match Secretary and friend of John.


Dundee & District TTA “Morning of Table Tennis” - Ward Road Gym 28th December 2016

Gavin serves at 6-7 in his first game against Colin – he went on to win that and all the other games he played.

DDTTA successfully filled in one of the “blank” days between Christmas and New Year for over 100 people by offering a “Morning of Table Tennis” featuring Gavin Rumgay.

From an idea hatched up by David Sim and Ian Hunter, former team mates of Gavin in his Dundee League days, David got to work and expanded the plans having enrolled the help of  coach Paul McCabe and a phalanx of volunteers.

The first part of the morning involved twelve local players benefitting from two hours of coaching from Gavin and Paul. Spectators drifted in early to watch from the gallery while enjoying  refreshments from the coffee and cake stall organised by Val Maitland, aided by volunteers from our successful “Active & Healthy” over 50s group.

A quick change round of the hall then set the stage for over 90 minutes of exhibition table tennis. First opposition for Gavin was provided by sports journalist and TV presenter Jim Spence in a light-hearted challenge match. Then a change of bats for Gavin as he took on local hard bat hero, Ian Johnston, to show the different skills required for playing without the benefits of sponge. Scottish team mate Colin Dalgleish was the next opponent and he and Gavin thrilled the crowd with some breath-taking rallies. To round off the morning, Colin then took on current DDTTA men’s champion Ally Rennet followed by a final opportunity for the watching youngsters to have a couple of rallies each to try to put the ball past Colin.

A great morning then, from which DDTTA benefitted in many respects. We would like to record our thanks to Gavin as the lead attraction, to Colin for his willingness to be involved, to Ian and Ally for providing local opposition - and not forgetting all our volunteers.

Watch some of the action on the Courier website at the link below.  

Active and healthy? You bet!

Since it started in September our Active and Healthy sessions for our more ‘mature’ members has gone from strength to strength. The photos below show just how much enjoyment and camaraderie has developed over the weeks. At the last session before the festive break, these ‘youngsters at heart’ held a wee handicap tournament with Iain McFarlane winning 21-18 in the final against Bill Beattie. Arab Iain is shown below receiving his medal from DDTTA vice-chair, David Sim, while Bill seems quite happy to raise the runner-up accolade aloft and receive the applause of his adoring fans!


School club championships and Tayside qualifiers

Some of the action from the Baldragon school club championships

Paul McCabe has provided the following report on the school club championships and the Tayside Secondary Schools qualifiers held on 5 December:

This is the time of year when we have our school club championships and the turnout for both was excellent - Monifieth 19 and Baldragon 12.  At Monifieth, Ben Hudson defeated David Hay 21-18 in the final. At Baldragon, Glenn Scott overcame Deklyn Mackenzie 3-0 in a good level exchange. This was the first time in two years that Deklyn has not won this event and Glenn looks like he could play Division 3 in the near future.

There was also a good turnout on Monday 5th, with almost 30 participants across the age and gender categories fighting it out for the Tayside qualifying places for the Scottish Schools championships.

The most competitive was the Under 14 boys where all the seeds made it through to the quarter finals. Andrew Brebner was very close to creating an upset whilst racing ahead against Murray Paterson, but Murray's focus and experience turned the match around. In the quarters the top four seeds also made it through and Alfie Ackerley defeated the No.2 seed, Andrew Nimmo in the semis to reach the final to face his friend Jacob Munro. Surprisingly, Alfie raced into the lead with some terrifically fast play, taking the first two ends 11-9 and 12-10. The third was one-sided and Alfie completed the day without dropping a set, and defeating Jacob for the first time in competitive play. 7th seed Murray Paterson finished 5th as the reserve for the squad, beating Deklyn Mackenzie 11-7 in the fifth set.

QUALIFIERS: Alfie Ackerley, Jacob Munro, Andrew Nimmo, Glenn Paterson. RESERVE: Murray Paterson.

The Under 14 girls had a smaller entry but the top two players, Zoe Rennie and Sophia Kapelyukh, finished a great 5th set game 12-10 to Zoe. Hannah Cleary finished 3rd and Kara Whelan from Baldragon was 4th in her very first tournament.

Darren Mitchell (U16s) and Craig Shearer (U18s) also qualify again and will be looking to do even better than last year when Darren finished 5th nationally and Craig had 2 match points against the No.1 seed, Callum Morrison.

What I can say is that the level of DDTTA's youngsters has improved considerably within a year. There were many good players in the under 14s from primary schools that I can see being excellent players in future.

Paul McCabe

Jack Cockin - 25.12.1948 to 3.12.2016

Jack is pictured with the Hardy Ballot Doubles trophy which he won with Ian McLagan in season 2014/15.

It is with great sadness that I am writing the following lines.

After a long battle with cancer Jack passed away in St Andrews Cottage Hospital on Saturday morning.

Some of you, the older ones, might remember Jack from the time when he played in Perth. Due to a work related accident he gave up playing in Perth and it was only when he and his wife Yvonne moved to Gauldry in 2011 that he started again. He had found out that there was a table tennis team in Gauldry and contacted me. We arranged practice sessions and soon enough Jack was ready to play for the Defibrillators in the Dundee league. However, it was then that he was diagnosed with cancer. The shock of the diagnosis and the operation that followed only put Jack off for a short time. We decided that we would aim to participate in the TableTennis World Championships for Veterans in Alicante in May 2016. It was that aim that kept him going when he underwent further treatment. Jack played for the Defibrillators on and off during the 2015/16 season. However, sadly we never made it to Alicante as the cancer had come back. A big disappointment, more treatment and more pain. In the end the doctors ran out of options and Jack's body ran out of steam.

Table tennis was not Jack's only interest. He was a great Liverpool fan. He suffered severely when they were not doing well but more recently enjoyed watching them again.  He was very community minded. He ran a book group in the village, was a member of the Gauldry Hall committee for a while, started a table tennis group for the Balmerino Primary School kids and his greatest achievement for the village community, he got the Gauldry community cinema up and running. It is well established now and films are shown once a month.

Yvonne lost her husband, the Defibrillators lost a well-liked team member who could have contributed so much more had he been given the time, the village lost a very valuable member of its community and I lost a very good friend.

Knut Radmer


WRG practice and coaching dates over festive period

The last Monday (7-10pm) practice/coaching night at WRG will be 19th December – resuming on 9 January.

The last Wednesday (10am-12pm - active and healthy session) will be on 14 December – resuming on 4 January.

There will be one further Wednesday (1-3pm - special needs) taster session on 7 December – these sessions will resume on 11 January for three weeks initially, and may be introduced permanently thereafter.

The last Thursday (6-8pm) minors session will be 1 December – resuming on 12 January.

The last Friday (7-9pm) practice session will be 16 December – resuming on 6 January.

ClubDundee accreditation

The management committee is pleased to report that the Association was awarded ClubDundee accreditation by SportDundee on 30 November 2016. Accreditation followed an assessment of the Association’s constitution and governance, child protection, coaching, disciplinary/complaints, insurance and other procedures and arrangements. Accreditation allows the Association to use the ClubDundee logo on future promotional material.


Scottish primary schools championships – Bathgate, 27 November 2016

Paul McCabe has kindly provided the following report on the day’s play. 

Dundee and District were represented at the championships by (L to R in the photo) Zoe Bailey (Monifieth), Deklyn McKenzie (Baldrgon), Campbell Snodgrass (St Andrews TTC ) and Kier Paterson (St Andrews TTC). 

Zoe managed to win a few games but narrowly missed qualifying for the quarters. She also did well in the doubles taking a game off the eventual finalists.  Deklyn made the last 16 before losing 3-1 to fifth seed Ye Ye from Aberdeen. Campbell may not have qualified but he managed to do very well in the consolation event, reaching the final and taking the first game of the final match. Unfortunately his opponent adapted and he lost 3-1, but still a good performance! Keir was drawn in the same group as Deklyn and had two good players for opposition. He did take one to 5 sets and had other chances; he also won games in the consolation event. Keir has plenty time on his side in his category and is another fine prospect.

Overall a highly enjoyable day. Our youngsters are not far off the pace but North Ayrshire and Aberdeen are currently the dominant forces.

Scottish National Table Tennis League – weekend two results

Dundee’s National League team scored an excellent 4-2 win against Knightswood at Bathgate on Saturday, but unfortunately went down 2-4 to Fair City and 1-5 to North Ayrshire. Calum Ross, Callum Riddoch and Ade Fabola all scored a win from four outings on the day, with our best performance coming from Stuart Halliday who won four of his six  matches.  Further details of each match are available on our Facebook page.

Scottish National Table Tennis League – weekend two preview

Weekend Two of the Scottish National Table Tennis League fixtures is coming up on 26th November at Bathgate Academy.

Dundee’s squad of Ade Fabola, Stuart Halliday, Callum Riddoch and Calum Ross will have a busy day with three fixtures scheduled. The Dundee team will not only face Knightswood and North Ayrshire B, but will also have what amounts to a derby tie when they face Fair City as the Perth squad includes Robert Toth, Ally Rennet, Jim Dyson and women’s no. 1, Gillian Edwards, all of whom also play in the Dundee league.

Community TT for those with special needs

Following the overwhelming success of the community ‘Active and Healthy’ TT sessions aimed at the Over 50s on Wednesday mornings at Ward Road Gym, DDTTA is reaching out again to the community to offer two initial ‘taster’ sessions to those with special needs on Wednesdays 30 November and 7 December between 1.00 and 3.00 pm. Anyone interested is welcome to come along with his/her enabler to have a go at playing under the helpful eye of coach Paul McCabe and his team of volunteers. Contact for more details. 

DNWCSC opens new table tennis session

DDTTA’s efforts to reach out to the wider community (and with the assistance of John Thain) have borne fruit this week with Dundee North West Sports Club announcing a new weekly table tennis section starting on Thursday 24 November in Charlotte Street Pavilion. Aimed initially at practice and recreational play, juniors (11-16) will have the first hour from 6-7pm and the 7pm-8pm slot will be for adults (or those over 16 at least).

We wish them well. If you fancy an extra bit of practice on a Thursday night why not join in and offer some tips to the beginners and newcomers?

Li Chao visit to WRG – 22 October


Scotland national coach, Li Chao, (third from left) is pictured with the minors squad that benefited from his visit to Ward Road on Saturday 22 October.

Perth Open – 16 October 2016

A good contingent of Dundee players travelled through to Perth. While the younger players gained useful experience without emerging from their groups, three of our senior men enjoyed a particularly successful day.  John Hannah reached the final of the Men’s singles but lost in three sets to Colin Dalgleish. In fact, it was Robert Toth who got closest to Colin, taking him to five games in the semi-final.

John went one better in the Men’s Band One event, taking the title with a win in the final over Stuart Halliday, who had previously beaten Robert in four sets (a first I’m told) in an all-Dundee semi-final. Great stuff lads!

Once upon a time…

Richard McLaren, a Lions’ stalwart of many seasons who has returned after a number of years absence to play for Duffers, has unearthed this photo from the Evening Telegraph which will be of interest to many. It dates from the Presentation Dinner held in May 1990 in the Monifieth Hotel. Who do you recognise?


Excelsior Cup R1 - WRG Friday 28 October

There will be no practice night at WRG on Friday 28 October to make way for the first round ties in the Excelsior Cup. However, why not pop by anyway and take in some of the action from a comfy seat in the balcony? The match ups include a Hecklers’ derby between Defenders and Tigers, the top players from Mylnefield and Forthill locking horns in the Aces v Knights tie and the experienced Up4it against last season’s top team, Star. Chieftains v Rollercoasters and Prefects v Kings complete an exciting evening’s line-up.


Li Chao to visit WRG – Saturday 22 October

Scotland National Coach, Li Chao will take two coaching sessions at WRG on Saturday 22 October. The area’s youngsters will benefit first from the master between 11am and 1pm, with advanced players having a slot from 2pm to 4pm. Anyone interested in watching proceedings and leaning from Li’s methods is welcome to spectate from the balcony.


Ade stars in R1 of national league

The Dundee team comprising Callum Riddoch, Ade Fabola and Calum Ross headed to Drumchapel on Saturday for the first round of this season's National League.

Star of the day was Ade who won both his ties against Glasgow South and came within a whisker of doing the same against North Merchiston, only narrowly losing out to the latter's Stewart Armitage.

In the tie against Glasgow, Calum Ross pitched in with a win to give a 3-3 draw. Against "Merchy", Callum Riddoch added a win to Ade's single which unfortunately meant our guys went down 4-2. Thanks go to Chris Riddoch for transporting the team who are already looking forward to the next round of matches in November, with the option of bringing Stuart Halliday into the side.


Paul presents cheque on STV

Paul McCabe who ably organised the recent Overgate TT event was rewarded with an invite to the live STV children’s appeal show, where he handed over Table Tennis Scotland’s cheque for £511.75. The money was raised from the Overgate, and other similar events held across Scotland.

Aberdeen Open

Dundee had probably its largest contingent at a National tournament for many years as 11 players headed north to test their skills. 

Six of the Thursday regional squad went, namely, Jacob Munro, Alfie Ackerly, Andrew Nimmo, Deklyn Mckenzie, Glenn Scott and Mackenzie Rough. Jacob made it to the last 16 and in the under 15s. Deklyn and Glenn played in the Consolation final with Deklyn winning 11-9 in the fifth. All of the boys are improving greatly and going to such events can only do them good.

Likewise, John Hannah, Robert Toth (5th and 6th seeds) made it to the Quarter finals before losing to Niall Cameron and Sep Birandi. Callum Riddoch and Stuart Haliday also played but had difficult groups. 

Darren Mitchell probably had the best day reaching the last 16 of the Men's. He defeated Gavin Elliot who would probably get 80+ percent in Dundee 1st Div in the 5th set 11-9. Likewise Darren also made the last 16 of the juniors before losing to Scotland No.1, Aberdeen's Dylan Curry.

All in all the numbers attending is great news to DDTTA and the Perth Open is coming up next month.

Paul McCabe

Campeones, campeones……

The last week or so has seen two of our clubs hold their annual championships. At Ward Road, Robert Toth reigned supreme again after becoming Mylnefield club champion for the second year in succession. Such was Robert’s performance on the night that he lost only one game (to Aleksandar Jovanovic) on his way to victory.  He swept Paul McCabe aside 3-0 after tactically losing 0-3 to Paul the previous night. Clever boy. Other notable outcomes included Turk, Guney Hanedan’s wins over Fiona Kinloch (3-0) and John Thain (3-2), a terrific 3-2 win over Guney by Tanya Kapelyukh; and youngsters Alfie Ackerly and Jacob Munro taking some games off Ewan MacDonald and Derek Johnston.

Chris Riddoch won the Consolation event, defeating John Thain in the final.

 Robert Toth collects the Mylnefield Club trophy from Chairman, Steve Wilson.

Over in St Andrews the annual club event (the David Eglinton Cup) is usually a 2-person balloted and handicapped team competition. However, a record turnout (and awkward prime number of 19 players) led organiser, Elaine Forbes to come up with a combination of 2 and 3 person teams playing an ‘Olympic’ team format. Terrific handicapping saw countless games settled on the ‘sudden death/20-20’ point and one of these was to be pivotal to the final outcome. The final was between Graham Wood/Sandy Pearson and the team of Michael Hahn, Neil Lea and Dave Beveridge. Tied at 1-1 in matches, Neil and Dave took the doubles 21-20 against Graham and Sandy (obviously), recovering just in time from a run of lost points. Michael (the most heavily handicapped of the 19 entrants) then made it an unassailable 3-1 lead with a fine win over Graham. A successful defence of the cup for Dave but, more significantly, the first time Neil has ever won anything at TT. Well done, old boy!

 Michael Hahn, Neil Lea and Dave Beveridge with the Eglinton Cup


Discovery Games – WRG – Sunday 11.9.16

DDTTA member Jim Houghton has asked us to highlight that the Discovery Games will take place from 11am to 5pm at Ward Road Gym on Sunday 11th September. Jim said ‘At the moment I have 32 entries, with players from Dundee, Angus, Aberdeen and Glasgow. The majority of the players have a learning disability and the others have physical disabilities. If anyone is interested in coming along to the event, to just watch, or perhaps help with umpiring, they will be more than welcome’. Jim’s email address is on the Telecoms club page if anyone wants more information, or he can be contacted on 01575 573262 or 07808 157666. Good luck, Jim!


Obituary – Davie Johnston

Davie Johnston

The Association is saddened to hear that former member, Davie Johnston, has passed away.

Jim Howie, one of Davie’s former team-mates, paid tribute to him as follows:

‘I first met Davie Johnston in the early 1950's when he played for Whitehall out of Dudhope Castle. Our paths were to meet over the years as opponents and then as team mates. Davie had a very strong forehand that very few could get near, never mind return. Not one for deep defending Davie relied on quick reflexes and a good pair of hands. He was always cheery and smiling and his outdoor occupation in the building trade meant he coped better than most with the chilly clubrooms of the 1950's and 60's! Davie and I finished our playing careers in 2006 with The Broughty Pensioners.

He died on 19 August 2016 in his 89th year’.


Olympic Come and Try Event – Sunday 21st August 10am to 4pm at DISC

Funded by Awards for All, sports organisations from the Dundee area are getting together at DISC to present the opportunity for those enthused by watching the Olympics on TV to give it a go themselves. Representatives from DDTTA will be on hand throughout the day to encourage newcomers and returners of all ages to pick up a bat.

Amongst other sports on offer will be football, korfball, netball, badminton ,short tennis, hockey, Tae Kwon Do and (possibly) cricket. Please spread the word to everyone and anyone who may be interested.

The following further details have been provided by the organisers:

The event is to be held at DISC on Sunday 21st August 2016 from 10am-4pm.

The 3G Pitch will host football and korfball.

The main hall will host Netball in one half of the hall (with scoreboards) and the other half will host badminton, on two courts, from 1-4pm and short tennis also on two courts.

There is the possibility, depending on the Netball slot, that indoor cricket may also be scheduled in that half of the main hall once the Netball session has concluded.

The dance studio will host table tennis.

The small hall will host Tae Kwon Do with slots available from 10am-12noon and/or 3-5pm.

The hockey pitch is available from 10am-4pm to host matches and/or coaching sessions during that time.


Review of WRG door charges

At the Management Committee meeting held on 21st July, it was decided to increase door fees at Ward Road Gym for the first time for many years. With effect from Monday 5th September 2016, the new charges are as follows:

Monday – coached session £5; practice only £4

Thursday – minors/cadets group and junior league nights £4

Friday - monthly Development squad £5; practice only  £4   


Community table tennis – active and healthy

An exciting new project will get underway at Ward Road Gym on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 12noon, starting on 7th September 2016. Under the banner of ‘Community Table Tennis – Active and Healthy’ this initiative will be targeted mainly at mature adults, whether beginners or returners, and will have a slant towards the social and health benefits of playing TT. It will be very informal although Paul McCabe will be on hand in the hall to assist anyone wanting some tips on how to get going. Participants can drop in and out any time in the morning, play for as little or as long as they want, and can take advantage of the tea and coffee which will be available in the balcony area and included in the charge of £3 per session.

For the first six months (at least), DDTTA is running this in partnership with Table Tennis Scotland (TTS) who have been given funding from the Big Lottery Awards for All program. TTS will be monitoring the numbers attending in the hope that success with our project and a similar one in Haddington will enable them to attract government and NHS funding to roll out the project throughout Scotland. Publicity material will go out nearer the starting date, but as word of mouth is often most effective, please pass on news of this to anyone who may be interested.

We are also keen to have a rota of current players to ‘meet and greet’, take door money, direct new folk to the tea and coffee area and generally provide a welcoming atmosphere. If you would like to be involved, please e-mail Elaine Forbes by clicking here.

Lastly, the good news for Mylnefield and those playing fixtures at WRG on a Tuesday evening is that there will be no need to take the tables down at the end of play!


Table Tennis at the Overgate (part 2)

It was a good day for TT at the Overgate on Saturday - a challenge for all the ages and nationalities who took to the table to try to beat the champion, or to take on the robot, a great PR exercise for DDTTA from which we will hopefully benefit with some of the participants following up with visits to our clubs and, finally, just under £100 raised for STV’s Children’s Charities Appeal.


An STV camera crew came by to film the fun and to interview organiser Paul McCabe – hopefully this will reach our screens to add to the publicity – and the official Overgate photographer was around for more than an hour taking shots to distribute to local and national newspapers. Paul was ably supported on the day by Grant Williams, Stuart Halliday, Ally Rennet and Howard Lee who did stints as “champion” and encouraged the shoppers who were willing to have a go. A special mention goes to Paul’s partner, Val and his parents whose help in transporting the table and equipment back and forwards from WRG to the Overgate was invaluable.



Table Tennis at the Overgate (part 1)

On Saturday 23rd July, Paul McCabe is taking a table to the Overgate to raise funds for STV’s Children’s Appeal. Based at the Costa end of the concourse, Paul will be helped by Ally Rennet and Stuart Halliday in inviting all-comers to ‘beat the champion’, while Miriam Rennet and Elaine Forbes will be rattling donation buckets and handing out leaflets with information about DDTTA. Why not drop by if you are the area between 11:00am and 4:00pm?

Youngsters shine in Limerick

Two of our young Division One players travelled with the Scottish team to Limerick last weekend to compete in the Senior Schools International event.

Representing Scotland U18s “A”, John Hannah teamed up with Yazer Razouk to finish in 5th place, while Callum Riddoch partnered Jason Fleming in Scotland U18’s “B” to 7th  of ten teams – a respectable finish given that Jason had to concede a number of his later games due to a back injury.

With the overall standard of play very high, Callum has taken much from the experience. Following his dismissal in the group stages of the Singles, he was going nicely in reaching the semis of the Consolation event when the injury jinx caught up with him – a twisted ankle putting paid to his hopes of a place in the final.

John had a number of good results to progress from his Singles group but his run came to an end in the quarter finals.

Congratulations to John who has been selected for the Scottish Junior Boys team which will compete in the European Youth Championships in Croatia from 8-15 July.


2015/16 AGM – Forthill – 28 April 2016

The Association’s AGM was held at Forthill last night, 28 April 2016. The main news is as follows.

Office bearers’ reports

Reports submitted by the Chairman, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Regional Coach and the auditors were all generally well received. Youth coaching is thriving and our finances are considered sound overall. No increase is proposed to membership fees.

Office bearers and Committee

Graeme Elrick stood down as Chairman due to work commitments but was elected as Secretary. Elaine Forbes was elected as the new Chairperson. Kris Opila stood down as Treasurer, also for work and other personal reasons, and Dave Beveridge was elected in his place. Dave’s position as Match Secretary will be filled by Andy Hughes. Stuart Halliday has volunteered to act as Trophy Convenor and was elected to the committee.

David Sim (Vice Chair) and Paul McCabe (Regional Coach) were re-elected, as were committee members Miriam Rennet, Sandy Elrick and Kenny Stewart. Arthur Pritchard becomes a new committee member. Stuart Clark/Gregor Murray continue as independent examiner of the Association’s accounts. I’m sure we wish them all well.

Constitution and rule changes

A new rule banning mobile phones from inside the court during matches was well supported. See rule 6(10) in About>Rules.

Article 6 of the Constitution was amended to remove the threat of a fine for clubs that are not represented at the AGM. This penalty was considered unlikely to ever be imposed in future.

It was agreed that ITTF approved orange celluloid balls may be used in DDTTA competitions until such times as orange plastic balls become available.

A proposal by the Match Secretary to impose a 10 point penalty on teams that are subject to a claim was rejected.

Graeme Wood (Triple Bypass TTC) raised a point of order connected with the membership and voting provisions of the Constitution. The Chairman ruled the point to be invalid but a commitment was made to consider the matter further at an early meeting of the new committee.


The full minutes from the meeting will be made available on the Minutes page as soon as possible.