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An electronic scorecard must be input within 48 hours of a fixture.  Click here for league scorecard or click here for cup scorecard. Cards input after Saturday will miss the weekly match report.  A report covering two fixtures and results is sent to the Evening Telegraph. Paper scorecards for the league can be downloaded here or, for Cups, from the Cups page.  These should be kept safe by the home team until the end of the season, in case there is any dispute over the details entered on the e-scorecard. Do not deposit scorecards at the old collection points (such as the box pinned to notice board in the balcony at Ward Road).

The Match Secretary must be notified in advance about a postponement and informed promptly about the new date.

Claims mostly arise when teams confuse home nights. Home teams should contact away teams before each fixture to confirm they are aware of it. Claims may not be accepted if this is not done. Claim A is where opponents fail to appear without proper notice. Claim B is where opponents give notice of being unable to fulfil the fixture and concede the match. The claiming team inputs the scorecard, recording the reasons and whether contact was made before the fixture.



This page is reserved for DDTTA league and cup reports (most recent first). Other competitions are reported on the News page.


Season 2017/18


Week 1 - commencing 11 September 2017

The new season started with some strong performances by some of the potential title winners. In division one, last season’s champions, Knights, began with a perfect result over a very experienced Rockets side and the 2016 champions, Star, started with a good 8-2 win away to last season’s division two champions, Telstars. Aces also had a good away win in St Andrews against Prefects.

In division two, Brechin began very strongly with an away win against Swots as they continue the form that made them unbeatable in division three last season. They were joined, perhaps rather surprisingly, at the top of the division by Viscounts who equalled the Brechin result away to a very experienced Rollercoasters side. All three of the other fixtures played were close and could have gone either way.

Last season Kingsway were demoted from division two by a single point and their division three season started perfectly against a Lairds side that had two league debutants. Duffers join Kingsway at the top after their fixture against Telsports was conceded due to the visitors not being able to field a team. Tass will also be looking to get back up to division two after a couple of years down and they too started well with a good win over a strong looking Squires side. Prospects narrowly won away to Missiles and league newcomers, Buccaneers, got some points on the board but lost to Sputniks.


Division 1

Knights 10 (Stuart Halliday 3½, Robert Toth 3½, Callum Riddoch 3)

Rockets 0 (Pete Yearworth 0, Peter Dixon 0, Gary Lowson 0)

Knights stormed ahead with fifteen straight games from the off. However, Rockets were unlucky not to pick up a point or two thereafter as Pete Yearworth was 2-0 up on Callum Riddoch and then Peter Dixon was 2-1 up on Stuart Halliday before they both lost 3-2.


Prefects 3 (Michael Hahn 3, Justin Yang 0, Bonifac Legrady 0)

Aces 7 (Matthew Craig 2½, Jim Dyson (reserve) 2, Jason Fleming 2½)

Michael Hahn was the star player as he won all his singles matches, although he had to come from behind to defeat Jason Fleming 13-11 in the fourth. Newcomers Justin Yang and Bonifac Legrady had tough league debuts, but it is likely that they will play against only a few teams that are better than Aces this year.


Telstars 2 (Ian Farquhar 1, Stewart Clark (reserve) 0, David Monteith 1)

Star 8 (Calum Ross 3½, Andy Ferguson 1, John Hannah 3½)

Ian Farquhar, playing back in division one after a couple of years away, nearly got the home side off to the perfect start, but eventually he lost in the final game to Calum Ross after being 2-0 up. Ian also took a game off of John Hannah, who was otherwise unstoppable and in the final match of the night Ian defeated Andy Ferguson 3-2 after being 2-1 down. Andy also lost to David Monteith, but this time it was in four games to give Telstars their opening point of the season.


Division 2

Comets 4 (Dougal Ogilvie 2, Fraser Smith 2, Jill Milne 0)

New Kids 6 (Howard Lee 2½, Kong Wan 1, Ian Smith 2½)

In the opening match, Dougal Ogilvie defeated Howard Lee 13-11 in the final game to put Comets in front and Fraser Smith doubled the lead when he beat Kong Wan. Next, Jill Milne almost made it 3-0, but she lost 16-14 in the final game to Ian Smith. The visitors then won the next four matches to lead 5-2, with Jill again unlucky to lose 3-2 to Kong after she had led 2-1. Comets luck turned in the next match when Fraser came back from 2-0 down to defeat Ian 3-2, but Howard secured the overall victory for New Kids when he beat Jill 3-1. Dougal had the final say though when he defeated Kong 3-1.


Swots 2 (Peter Bladen 0, Emma Bissett 1, Collin Bleak 1)

Brechin 8 (Derek Mitchell 3½, Aaron Robertson (reserve) 1, John Anderson 3½)

Brechin started in division two as they had finished last season in the third, with a big away win. Yet in the opening match Peter Bladen was 2-0 up on Derek Mitchell before Derek turned it around to win 3-2. Unfortunately for Peter, he had to retire at one-all against John Anderson and subsequently conceded his final match to Aaron Robertson. Derek and John comfortably won all their other matches, although both Emma Bisset and Collin Bleak took a game off of them and they also defeated the Brechin reserve, Aaron.


Truants 5 (Sascha Roschy 3½, Knut Radmer 1, Alain Leger ½)

Lundin Lasers 5 (Arthur Duncan 2, Nat Forno 1, Ron Filsell 2)

Sascha Roschy starred for the home team winning all of his matches, including the doubles, for the loss of just two games. Arthur Duncan and Ron Filsell both won a couple of matches for the visitors for the loss of just three games in total. Both of Nat Forno’s other two matches went to the final game, initially he lost to Knut Radmer, but against Alain Leger he came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 and get the Laser’s the overall draw.


Chieftains 6 (Fiona Kinloch 2½, Jim Tawse 2½, Jacob Munro 1)

Tigers 4 (Kenny McLaren 1, Scott Thomson 3)

The first match was the closest of the night with Fiona Kinloch and Kenny McLaren battling till the final game which Fiona won to give the home team a 4-0 lead due to Tigers being a player short. Thereafter Scott Thomson replied Tigers with three excellent wins for the loss of only two games. However, Jim Tawse defeated Kenny 3-0 to increase the Chieftains lead, but Kenny got one back, beating Jacob Munro 3-1. Fiona and Jim dominated the doubles match to take the final point.


Rollercoasters 2 (Joe Bell 1, Dave Lane ½, Tony Cook ½)

Viscounts 8 (Filip Jovanovic 3, Andy Hughes 3, Andrew Nimmo 2)

This was perhaps the surprise result of the week, but this was partly due to the home side losing the game nine times after 10-all was reached. Filip Jovanovic was in great form for Viscounts, winning three singles for the loss of just two games to Joe Bell, Andy Hughes won all his singles 3-1 and Andrew Nimmo, making his division two debut, won two matches and only lost to Joe in the final game, after Joe had saved match points in the fourth. In the doubles match Dave Lane and Tony Cook dominated Filip and Andrew to get Rollercoasters their second point.


Division 3

Buccaneers 3 (David Clark 1, Stewart Ferguson 1, Murray Johnstone 1)

Sputniks 7 (Jim Fleming 1, David Hunter (reserve) 3½, Carol McLean 3½)

League newcomers, Buccaneers, all won a singles match against an experienced Sputniks side. For Sputniks, David Hunter and Carol McLean won all of their singles matches and combined to win the doubles match in the final game against David Clark and Stewart Ferguson after they had been 2-1 down. Murray Johnstone won the closest match of the night in the final game against Jim Fleming, 10-12, 12-10, 8-11, 11-9 and 11-9.


Missiles 4 (David Hunter 1, Daniel Russell 2, Lee Nixon 1)

Prospects 6 (Sandy Pearson 2½, Dave Goddard 3½, Neil Lea 0)

A fine hat-trick by Dave Goddard, backed up by a Sandy Pearson double helped Prospects to get the win over Missiles. Daniel Russell picked up a couple of wins, including a great comeback victory over Sandy after he had been 2-0 down (12-10, 14-12 & 11-9). The doubles match was crucial in this fixture and it was Dave and Sandy who triumphed 3-2 against Daniel and David Hunter after they had been 2-1 down.


Tass 7 (Stewart Clark 2½, Jim Wotherspoon 1, Stuart Farquharson 3½)

Squires 3 (Steve Wilson 1, Tanya Kapelyukh 2, Winnie Stein 0)

Tass won all four matches that went to the final game to ensure victory over Squires. Best performer for Tass was Stuart Farquharson who initially lost his first two games against Winnie Stein, but he then recovered to win that match and to win his other two matches 3-0. Unluckily for Winnie she also lost in five games to Stewart Clark after being 2-1 up and Stewart also defeated Steve Wilson in the final game. Best for Squires was Tanya Kapelyukh who picked up two good wins, but in the doubles match partnering Steve, they could not convert a 2-1 lead into a victory as Stewart and Stuart recovered to win it 3-2.


Kingsway 10 (Stephen Caird 3½, Willie Cooper 3, Derek Thomson 3½)

Lairds 0 (Deklyn McKenzie 0, Ewan MacDonald 0, William Beattie 0)

Kingsway dominated throughout against a Lairds team containing two league rookies. For Lairds, Deklyn McKenzie took a game off of Stephen Caird and Ewan MacDonald won games against Willie Cooper and Stephen but the home side won all the other games. Derek Thomson won all of his matches 3-0, including the doubles match partnering Stephen.


Duffers 10 Telsports 0

This fixture was conceded by Telsports after they could not field a team.




Div or cup

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Up4it v Defenders

Div 1


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Thumpers v Kings

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Aces v Knights

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Telsports v Princes

Div 3


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* Note:  please confirm the ‘New dates’ with the relevant team secretaries as these may change without the Match Secretary knowing.